27 Things I’ve Learned at 27 

Because I’m almost turning 28 (I can’t believe how time flies!), I figured I should make a list of all the things I’ve learned in life. Take these with a grain of salt though: my experiences/lessons may not exactly be applicable to you. 


  1. You can’t please everybody. Unless you’re dead. But even that can piss some people off.
  2. Be nice, or at least be civil. No: it won’t make you the most lovable person in the world. Do it anyway.
  3. Eat right as much as possible. No supplement can magically make you healthy and flush out the junk you put in your body.
  4. Make time for exercise. Nature designed you to move. Get your butt off the couch.
  5. Do what you love but avoid getting yourself in jail
  6. Be wary of self-proclaimed experts of everything. It’s impossible for one person to know it all. They’re either crazy or trying to wheedle money from you.
  7. That being said, have a healthy amount of skepticism and  open-mindedness. 
  8. Speak your mind when you must. The world often gives way  to people with agendas; being passive is like laying a red  carpet for bad people to walk on.
  9. You will outgrow some people. It doesn’t always mean you’ve become better; sometimes, you just learned to enjoy other things. (Unless you were a former druggie, in which case, congratulations.)
  10. Travel when you can. But don’t over-romanticize the unfamiliar. Other places open your mind, but your home is  beautiful too.
  11. Your taste in music doesn’t make you better, so don’t diss other people just because they enjoy Ke$ha and you don’t.
  12. Some people are happy with less, but progress is fueled by  human discontentment. It’s a tricky thing.
  13.  Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s  wrong, but it’s a good thing to demand evidence when people claim something outrageous.
  14. It’s fun to dance like an epileptic potato every once in a  while. Don’t try to be so cool all the time.
  15. Be friends with people who will love you and will stand by you as you murder Oasis’s Wonderwall in Rockeoke. 
  16. You will do stupid things in life. These will be the funny stories you will tell everyone in the future.
  17.  On travel again: go on a long trip with a friend. If you don’t end up enemies, you’ve found a true friend.
  18.  To connect with people, meet them at the middle. Just make sure you’re both not standing on the edges of opposite cliffs. 
  19.  Drink water instead of sugary soda. (Make sure the water  is clean.)
  20.  Be kind to children. The world will dump a lot of awful things in their lives. Don’t add to that.  
  21. Just because it’s been there for a long time doesn’t mean it’s okay or good. You might be the one who will get the courage  to change the way things are.
  22. You will be a jerk to someone at one point in your life. If  you get the chance, say sorry and make things right.
  23. Be curious. Avoid being judgmental.
  24. Don’t say sorry when you’re not wrong just to fix things. But really make sure you’re not wrong. 
  25. Plastic surgery is not a substitute for learning to love who you are, but hey, if it makes them happy and it doesn’t harm anyone, let people have their cheek implants and bustlifts.
  26. One minute on high in the microwave isn’t the equivalent of five minutes on defrost. 
  27.  Just because it’s on a list doesn’t mean it’s applicable to everyone. Comparing your life to other people is only okay up to a certain point. Know which experiences they have that you could learn from and apply to your life.

By Evan Tan

Evan Tan is a writer & communications professional from Manila, Philippines.

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