The Flaw in “Metro Manila”‘s Plan

Have you seen “Metro Manila” yet? The Sundance film starring Jake Macapagal and Althea Vega which is now UK’s entry to the Oscars? Yes? Probably out of curiosity why a foreign director would direct a film discussing the squalor of Metro Manila?

Some spoilers here, so read on only if you’ve already seen it: you probably remember that scene when Oscar (Jake Macapagal) mentions something about Alfred Santos’s plan being founded on dreams, and his scheme being more sensible. Am I the only one who disagreed and thought that Oscar’s plan wasn’t that fool-proof? That his plan absurdly, quite dim-wittedly, relied on the assumption that his belongings would be given to his wife (Althea Vega) at the end? 

The audience is presented two incidents when the guards’ partners deliver their deceased colleagues’ belongings to their kin. These guards died while performing their duty, not while committing a crime. (Of course Ong isn’t exactly a saint, but then Oscar didn’t tell his boss about Ong’s skulduggery.) 

What made  Oscar assume that his boss would ask his partner to do the same for him? 

If you know the answer, I’d really like to understand. Did I miss something important while watching the film?

(Plus: Oscar’s family would probably end up becoming poor again: this article says that 70 per cent of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years. )

By Evan Tan

Evan Tan is a writer & communications professional based in Manila, Philippines.

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