If You’re Wondering Where Daisy Siete’s Writers Are Now…


(function(jQuery) { function init() { wSlideshow.render({elementID:”952811056665347690″,nav:”none”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”bottom”,transition:”slide”,autoplay:”1″,speed:”5″,aspectRatio:”16:9″,showControls:”true”,randomStart:”false”,images:[{“url”:”4/7/5/1/4751296/3676818.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”187″,”caption”:”A whole season that makes us introspect on Western ideals of beauty!”},{“url”:”4/7/5/1/4751296/8176857.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”190″,”caption”:”Teaching us that socioeconomic inequalities are not a hindrance to happiness.”},{“url”:”4/7/5/1/4751296/286988.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”175″,”caption”:”"Kung ang hanap mong syota ay pwedeng iparada, sa parada ng lechon walk in ako doon." The first step to self-acceptance is humor and reappropriation. Daisy Siete has taught us that if you can learn to poke fun at yourself, what else can they use to mock you?”}]}) } jQuery ? jQuery(init) : document.observe(‘dom:loaded’, init) })(window._W && _W.jQuery)

…I am too. 

I’m tempted to believe they moved on to become part of Cebu Pacific’s marketing team, selling out after pushing to the masses their revolutionary ideas cunningly masked as afternoon entertainment. 

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Daisy Siete writers, where are you now? 

(True story by the way: a friend of mine was offered a job as a writer for the series. She refused; she cries herself to sleep every night because of this.)

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