A Moment, A Love, A Dream Aloud

Best wedding of the year.

Call me biased: as a gay man in a gay wedding (the first I’ve ever been to, I must note), I can’t help but get goosebumps remembering what just transpired over the weekend.

Not that I wasn’t prepared for it. When my good friend Niccolo approached me to work on the script for Pau and Rhex’s wedding video, which was inspired by the couple’s message to their parents, I already knew that it was going to be an epic celebration.
But that Saturday afternoon in Tagaytay, witnessing two gay people in love, getting married, in the presence of family and friends, made me believe that this is real, and that this could happen for all of us.
(I paused for a second just now to read again what I just typed: love is real, and this could happen. For all of us.)
Call me sentimental, but I like happy endings. I like seeing people together with their loved ones. And seeing their story as it unfolded before me makes me hope that it could also be real not just for people like Pau and Rhex, but for the rest of us–both in the legal sense, as we fight for our right to be recognized by the laws of our countries, and in the more important aspect which is that we can be with loved ones who celebrate our brand of love.
Notwithstanding arguments that the personal is always political, I wish for a day when two men or two women getting married will only be seen as a statement of love, and not as an act of defiance or of sin.
Little by little, as people like us stand up and ask that others see us for who we are — as people who love like other people — the future will be kinder to the next generation.
Call me pollyannish. Or ludicrous. Even a fool. But I want to believe in a love that could last a lifetime.
And maybe, just like what Pau and Rhex believe, a love that could last ad infinitum.

By Evan Tan

Evan Tan is a writer & communications professional based in Manila, Philippines.

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