#2: The Shadow

It’s the second week of our little art project!

​We’ve finally created our Instagram account: TWO50TWO. (Please follow us.)

So: why TWO50TWO?  Well, it’s two people, taking a photo and writing a story each week, for 52 weeks (which is one year.) 

I had a weird dream during my flight to Tacloban (where I’m currently at now, for work), which was the inspiration of the story I wrote for Jox’s photo, which he took earlier this week.

The story is below, which you can also read at TWO50TWO:

“Let there be Light,” it was said in the beginning, and then: “Let there be Man.”

And behind the Man was his Shadow.

And the Man who the Light shone on saw that this was good.

The Shadow was always hidden, as the Man basked in the glory of the Light.

Until one day, the Shadow of the Man asked: “Will I only be behind the Man until we are both no more?”

​The Man said: “As long as there is Light, and as long as I am Man, you will follow me as my Shadow, for the rest of my days.”

​And so one night, the Shadow found its feet, and finally disappeared into the Darkness.
Follow TWO50TWO’s Instagram account: TWO50TWO

By Evan Tan

Evan Tan is a writer & communications professional based in Manila, Philippines.

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