How We Begin


A hotel room in Singapore, 2013
This is how we begin:

Inch by inch, slowly. Uncertain.
A space, made for one’s self, outside the world.
There is the you that faces everyone.
A semblance, perhaps.
A ghost, maybe.
A facade.
Plywood walls of smiles and handshakes and embraces.
You start with the fragile things. Then slowly, you put up the steel frames, the bricks.
Until again, you have built a fortress.
You are impenetrable.
But: leave a little door open.
Just a small crack.
Let the morning light come in.
Let it show you the way.
And when you are ready to begin, walk outside slowly.
Then breathe.

By evantan

Evan Tan is a writer & communications professional based in Manila, Philippines.

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