Human, All Too Human

Image from Tonight, a New Yorker article “The Artful Accidents of Google Books”, which reported a growing interest on Google Books scan mistakes, led me to the Tumblr site “The Art of Google Books”. I ended up checking the collection of photos on the site: some bizarre, some creepy, all reminders of what writer…… Continue reading Human, All Too Human

Gone in Bagan

Next to traveler’s diarrhea and your Hostel fears coming true, what’s one of a traveler’s worst nightmares? Well, we had an experience of that on our way to Bagan. Granted, we really should’ve double-checked online the distance between our homestay in Yangon and Aung Mingalar station instead of taking our host Aldrich’s word that the…… Continue reading Gone in Bagan

Sleepless in Yangon

Since our flight to Yangon (our first stop in Myanmar) was early–we had to check in the airport at 4:55 am)–Katrina and I decided to head to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and wait there from midnight until check-in time. This meant staying awake in Old Town White Coffee (the only coffee shop open at the airport) and think…… Continue reading Sleepless in Yangon