Are You Gay for Pay? (Or, How Brands & Businesses Can Sincerely Stand Up for the LGBT Community)

A version of this article appeared in 2.O Magazine’s May 2015 issue.Discreetly, the campaign came up on my news feed. I don’t remember who posted the article. A friend who works for the online magazine, maybe–but I can’t find it on their timeline, so I’m not so sure now. I was fleetingly scanning through…… Continue reading Are You Gay for Pay? (Or, How Brands & Businesses Can Sincerely Stand Up for the LGBT Community)


Recently over dinner (North Park’s steamed tofu with black vinegar and chili sauce — one of their delicious vegan-friendly options I should note, in case you wanted to know the details), someone told me how I was holding myself back.  Perhaps too quickly, I disagreed and said that I only try to come from a place…… Continue reading Multifaceted

What Is Essential

Taken from Midway between packing my two large bags with clothes as I prepared to move out of my old condo, I suddenly had to pause as a phrase kept repeating itself in my head: the stripping away of the inessential.  I knew it was something from childhood because it made me remember those…… Continue reading What Is Essential

The Brave and the Free

Over dinner on our second night in Hanoi, my friend Biboy shared to us how he up and left Manila for Vietnam. He was backpacking a year ago when he decided to throw all caution to the wind and just move to the country. To survive, he became an English teacher and earned a measly…… Continue reading The Brave and the Free

The Madness in the Method

“Pale Blue Dot”, photo taken by the Voyager 1 spaceprobe “You’re too cautious,” she wrote, except the last two words had been crossed out. “You’re not taking any risks, which is the formula to boring yourself to inertia.” As a group assignment for the Writing Workshop participants, our mentor Jessica asked all of us to…… Continue reading The Madness in the Method

Bend It Like the Bamboo

Advice from a vegan restaurant in Bukit Bintang I can’t believe the year is almost over. I’m pretty sure though a lot of people are saying the same thing. Where did the days go? Weren’t we just welcoming 2013?  The year has been pretty packed, with a lot of things happening (some fun, some not…… Continue reading Bend It Like the Bamboo