“The Universe is Having a Wank”: Teleological Explorations, By Way of Birthdays

There’s nothing that drives you further down into introspection like the waning high of your birthday that’s almost about to end (except probably a close brush with death, a bus speeding at 100 kilometers per hour barely colliding with the car you’re in at a highway—but that’s another story.) I’m writing this two hours before…… Continue reading “The Universe is Having a Wank”: Teleological Explorations, By Way of Birthdays

You are a rat

“The earliest known mammals were the morganucodontids, tiny shrew-size creatures that lived in the shadows of the dinosaurs 210 million years ago. They were one of several different mammal lineages that emerged around that time. All living mammals today, including us, descend from the one line that survived.”

Solidarity or Shit: Chronicles During the COVID-19 Community Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the entrenched inequalities in our society. Already we’re seeing how the less privileged are made to choose between dying from hunger or dying from the disease, while the rich continue to believe that these people are merely being stubborn–lacking the discipline that is demanded by this enhanced community quarantine imposed by the Philippine government, when in fact, it is the very privilege these rich people have that allow them to easily follow the rules.

Love in the Time of the Novel Coronavirus

All travel is fiction, you told yourself, as you walked around Ximending that cold morning. You’ve been too obsessed with getting the details right that you forgot that the experience is more important, the feelings you will take away from this whole trip. Because what is really different, anyway? You can go as reductive as…… Continue reading Love in the Time of the Novel Coronavirus

Is There Really A Self? (& 10 PM Explorations of Being)

What if, as Plato said in his allegory of the cave, we only see shadows of reality, and that is because of the frailty that is our humanity?