Love in the Time of the Novel Coronavirus

All travel is fiction, you told yourself, as you walked around Ximending that cold morning. You’ve been too obsessed with getting the details right that you forgot that the experience is more important, the feelings you will take away from this whole trip. Because what is really different, anyway? You can go as reductive as…… Continue reading Love in the Time of the Novel Coronavirus

Is There Really A Self? (& 10 PM Explorations of Being)

What if, as Plato said in his allegory of the cave, we only see shadows of reality, and that is because of the frailty that is our humanity?

The Weight of a Life in Wonder

At certain moments of your life, the question comes, during a pause: Selfie with “Untitled (Donkey)” by Jeff Koons, at the Moco Museum (October 2019) What am I doing here? What the hell am I doing here? The question came to me thrice during my recent trip to Europe, where my friend Gretchen and I…… Continue reading The Weight of a Life in Wonder

Of Grit and Grace

Much has been said about persistence and perseverance: how, if you are only forceful and determined enough, you could achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to. A wall of photos and business cards (Vietnam, 2014) Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book “Outliers”, argued that it takes 10,000 hours to master any particular…… Continue reading Of Grit and Grace

A Necessary Fear

This was a draft I began writing in August 2014. I am not sure why I didn’t get to finish this. I am publishing this now with some thoughts I’ve added, four years later. Today I had an anxiety attack. It wasn’t the first, nor the worst, but it crept from behind and surprised me.…… Continue reading A Necessary Fear