Too Fast, Too Paris

There’s comfort to not being terrorized by the thought that one’s action or inaction contributes to an inevitable future at the mercy of eventual degeneration.

With Distance We Make Friends

It’s easy to be friendly. But some people assume friendliness should mean unbridled openness. Far too often I’ve seen how some people would lovebomb strangers in the hope that they will win their trust and friendship.

I think true friendship takes time.

Am I Too Old to Enjoy This?

The adult in me thinks that she is very juvenile and naive, and I wonder if I’m just too jaded to enjoy how whimsical she is, how her whole world seemed to be rose-colored and bright.

Live Long Enough to Cringe

Memories to cringe over are a small price we pay for living long enough.

The Magical Force of Our Names

When we claim names with conviction, they stop being prison walls, and instead become the bricks that allow us to climb up, transcend.